Finally! A tool that will help you answer the question:

"Who should manage my rental property?"

Hire the right Property Manager... or not!
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  • Assess your DIY Management Skills
  • Interview potential property managers like a pro
  • Forecast the time required for you to DIY manage your property and tenancy.
  • Build your list of managers to explore
Interview prospective management companies
Assess whether you have time to DIY self-manage
Compare property management companies
Understand the 5 Pillars of Property Management
Answer "When would a Property Manager make sense?"
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"Hire the Right Property Manager."
Why did we write "Hire the Right Property Manager" and make it available for FREE?

We want you to consider hiring Parallel to manage your Calgary and area rental properties.  

We also want you to consider a number of other companies or even DIY managing.

You can use this tool to cut through pre-canned sales scripts. It will help you accurately estimate what would be required of you as a DIY manager.

It will teach you how to do a deep dive into what each company really has to offer.  It empowers you to interview your options like a pro. And it will help you honestly assess if you can DIY manage your property.

Your efforts now will reduce unhappy surprises down the road.

We want you to be happy.  We want you to be informed.  We want you to make a great decision.

We want you to be happy.  We want you to be informed.  We want you to make a great decision.

Hi-Lites from "Hire the Right Property Manager"
6 Questions You Should Ask a Prospective Manager
Should you DIY?
How much time will it really take?
5 Pillars of Property Management
March 22, 2022
Kelly, Realtor

The guide is a tool I also refer my investment clients to. It is extremely practical.

Lisa, Investor
Lisa, Investor
March 22, 2022
Lisa, Investor

The guide helped me compare one manager to another. It turns out they are NOT all the same.

March 22, 2022
Tara, Investor

This guide vastly improved my knowledge of the effort that goes into managing a rental property. In the end I decided to manage my own property.

Hire the Right Property Manager

Here's an opportunity to learn how a seasoned veteran of the real estate investment market would assess whether to DIY manage or to hire a manager.