Why not take a minute to get to know us? 

Our motto is that we work #WITHyou.
Why not get to know us a bit more?

We are a highly relational company. Take a minute to review our Linkedin, Instagram, and Facebook pages. They might give you a flavour for who we are. We've posted a few articles, blogs, and videos below. We just want you to see who we are so you decide if we can work #WITHyou.

Feedback from a recent Client

Every now and then we take a moment to celebrate some of the great feedback we get at Parallel. This is one of those moments. Honest and hardworking. That's how we were described just now. PLUS I show you some of the video tools we use to advertise properties.

We are licensed in Alberta

Do Properties "Rent Themselves?"

The fact is tenants like renting from people they can see themselves working with down the road.

Managing Tenants Means Building Relationally

The best way to keep you in control of your rental property is to give you the rent. Believe it or not many managers don't do that - they keep it in their trust account and pay it out to you when they're good and ready. We think that isn't quite right. Watch this video for more on this topic.

We Maintain Your Rentals #WITHyou.

Maintaining your property is tops on our list. We're available 24/7 to ensure all is well and when something needs fixing we get your approval FIRST. Like everything we do we want to work #WITHyou. This means we consult with you before we make any expenditures.

We Put A LOT Of Energy Into MARKETING Your Rentals

For a rental property to be profitable you need great tenants. Parallel has exerted a lot of energy to attract and maintain the best possible tenants at the best possible rates. Check out this video for a few thoughts on the topic.

OUR VENDORS: Meet Mark Smith - Insurance Provider

Whether you're a property owner or tenant rental properties require special considerations for insurance. This video gives you some ideas to think about when purchasing insurance. Oh, and we have a lot of fun, too.

OUR VENDORS: Meet Michael at Hank's Plumbing

We've been working with Michael at Hank's Plumbing for years. Our great relationship guarantees great results for our clients. Check out this video for some plumbing tips BUT EVEN MORESO check it out to see how much fun we have!

The Obvious Secret to Placing a Tenant in a Difficult Market

Even in a tough market you can still secure great tenants for your rentals and it doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg.

Add 10% To Offset Your FUTURE Management Fees

It’s key to build in a 10% management fees to your projected expenses when you’re looking at investing. Whether you’re a DIY manager (and thus pay it to yourself) or not - you’ll know you have the option to outsource the management of your properties should another adventure put demands on your time that take you away from your rentals.