Parallel Properties

We are #WITHyou to Market, Manage, Monitor and Maintain #YOURrental Properties in the Greater Calgary Area.

Why we are your best option

Best Tenant / Best Rate

We’ll screen your tenants.You’ll make the final call on the successful applicant.

Increased Rentability

In a tight market we’ll show you how to make your property stand out.

Amazing Inspections

Accurate Inspections reduce your expenses and exposure to risk. Our operational efficiencies will go a long way to saving back fees.


You hold all of your funds all of the time. We ask permission to spend instead of spend and make you ask “why?”

What your future tenants want

Right Location

Is your property the right location for prospect tenants?

Right Space

Does the physical space meet their needs? Do the features, feel, floorplan work for them and their family?

Right Relationship

Can they have a working Relationship with their landlord?

Want to know a secret?

Relationship really does matter. In fact, it may be the deciding factor between your place and the one down the street.

Market Your Property Better

Let's Talk

Rather than call in and hope we're free... why not book an appointment and we'll call you? 

It's fast, it's easy, and it puts you in control.

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-The Parallel Team.